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Lidiya Spivakovska.


In 2013, she began her career as an artist.

Shortly, her artworks were published in the Italian “Breathing Art” magazine.

Lidiya was invited with her artworks to the Biennale in Paris in October, 2014.

Also, Lidiya’s artworks were selected as premium items for the charity auction "Art gives life" which took place in “Hilton Kyiv”.

Her works are in private collections all over Europe. Also, her work 'Blue Marmaid' is in ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko's charity fund collection.

In February Lidiya has had her personal exhibition in Art:Ego gallery, Kyiv.

Lidiya's artworks were selected among 100 artists to be exposed in Museum of Huesca, ART AND NATURE CENTER (Beulas Foundation) in Zaragoza, Spain.

Also, her works have been presented in Centro Civico Delicias in Spain.

‘MUSA INTERNATIONAL ART SPACE’ has published her works in “We Conterporary” catalogue.

Lidiya’s works represented Ukrainian art on ART FAIR-RIGA 2015.

Also, she has had her personal exhibition in Happy Art Museum, Riga, Latvia.

Lidiya’s works were presented in “Woman’s Essence” project in Hernandes Art Gallery, Milano, Italy.

Her artworks are made with unique technique, based on liquid glass on canvas with acrylic and oil paint inside.

As a philanthropist, from 2014 Lika is the organizer and co-author of "Beauty Against Cancer" project that is designed to help children with cancer.

In 2014, she has opened “Spivakovska Art: Ego gallery” and culture center.

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